Allen Y. — “Dr. Reddy’s commitment to her patients’ is OUTSTANDING! Staff is professional and passionate…”

Justin Y. — “Very friendly, knowledgeable and helped answer all my questions.”

Patricia T. — “Outstanding . Dr. Reddy made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. Thank you.”

Rodney O. — “Dr Reddy has been my doctor for several years. I don’t trust any other doctor with my medical care. She listens to me and always knows when something isn’t quite right. She saved my life a few years back when I had Hodgkins Lymphoma and chemo severely compromised my health. Dr. Reddy stepped in and saved me…literally. I’m very grateful that she is my doctor.”

Tuan B — “I’ve seen Dr. Reddy for about a year now. I like this place because the wait here is so much better than my old doctor place. I never wait for more than 30 minutes. She listens to your concerns and try to solve them. The nurse practitioners that work for her are also very nice and helpful. Glad I made the switched”

Catherine H. — “Dr. Reddy attended to my mother-in-law when she was in the hospital and new to the area. We decided to try her for primary care and cannot be more pleased! Her entire staff is efficient, caring, and professional. Dr. Reddy provides referrals when needed and the front desk staff even calls to try to make appointments for the same day! The level of care is over 5 stars!”

Charmaine A. — “Dr. Reddy is one of the best doctors I’ve ever had, she has the best nurse practitioner named DJ, he was so helpful and very caring. Dr. Reddy has helped me with so many of my health issues and taken care of me and my family. I have never been happier with my doctor, I recommend her to everybody I know.”<

robert b. — “I like the new location, Dr. Reddys Nurse Practitioners are the best, and so is her staff as well, very friendly. Dr. Reddy is the best, Dr. Reddy is very involved with giving back to the community as a Volunteer and More helping to improve the quality of life for those less fortunate in our County. Keep up the Great work Dr. Reddy.”

Steven T. — “I have had Dr Reedy for 17 years. She is not only my Dr but my friend. She was there when my partner was really sick. She saved his life. Will continue having her as my Dr.”

Michael C. — “Sue Reddy has been my physician for many years…her knowledge, professionalism, intensity & compassion has made her the doctor and human being for many, many patients for whom she has treated, cared for or made comfortable whatever the issue. I would travel to see her, no matter what distance, to have her at my side for my diagnosis. For anyone looking for exceptional and personal care, please know she is the one. Best, Michael Crosley Patient since: 2002 – HIV patient”

Raul K. — “Dr. Reddy has been my primary doctor for the past 18 years. Im am blessed to have such a caring Doctor that really cares about her patient well being. Her expertise in internal medicine has literally save my life. Ive seen friends my age pass away from the lack of keeping up with their health. I really trust on her and her helpful friendly staff . I’ve seen many different specialist in medicine but not like Dr.Reddy. She take the time to listen to the patient and giving them the best treatment possible .I highly recommend Dr. Reddy to those seeking health care with the latest in medical practices.”

K. L. — “Dr. Reddy is the best. Figured out what was wrong with me when nobody else could. I would not have anyone else as my doctor.”

Alex L. — “She’s awesome. Knowledgeable in every aspect. Keeps on telling me about my diet due to my high cholesterol. When I recommended something she will listen. She asks questions. Today I ask if she was from New York. Surprised her. I read it somewhere I told her. She’s a tough doctor and the staff are awesome. Once I called after hours and the on call operator took my message. Dr reddy called me back. Yes!
Everyone has their own attitude. Her attitude is solid. Nice. I’ve been to doctors before and she’s a keeper.”

Janice M. — “My husband and i came to dr Reddy to hopefully find out what is going with me since I was diagnosed with parasite infection and my previous primary along with other specialists from UCI and ER doctors just told me its normal and will resolve on its self. Clearly it never did over a year with diarrhea and only Dr Reddy has started me on treatment with definite diagnose, and my symptoms improve significantly. She also has become my primary as well since then, because other doctor i been through never address my underlying on going issues.”

Daisy G. — “Dr Reddy is very detailed and very thorough when it comes to caring for her patients. She’s a very good listener and she responds immediately to all calls. She’s very caring and I would not replace her with anyone else.”

Gary K. — “Dr Reddy has been my doctor for the past 2 years and I finally got around to giving her a review she definitely deserves. Yes she can be busy and sometimes I have to wait, but once talking with her in the appointment, she gives me all the attention I need to make sure I am treated, even if it takes a little extra time. Most importantly, she knows her stuff. I have referred her friends and family and they all thank me for that. Thank you Dr Reddy.”

Sonny T. — “I’ve been a patient of Dr Reddy for a year now and she has been a great dr, shes very attentive and always resolves any concerns I may have. Her staff is very friendly, I was able to schedule an appointment within a few days. I would totally recommend Dr Reddy :)”

Kimberly S. — “Medical Mystery=SOLVED…thanks to Dr.Reddy and Staff!
I was referred to Dr. Reddy by one of my favorite physicians Dr. Mehta (GYN) because my current primary doc failed me big time for a pre-op exam. She gave the sign off for surgery regardless of numerous symptoms that have been progressively getting worse for almost 3 years. I have seen 4 Internal Medicine Doctors, Cardiologist, Gastroenterologist, Neurologist, Hematologist, Urologist, Acupuncturist, and Chiropractor. No one has come close to diagnosing me! It took Dr. Reddy’s office TWO DAYS ONLY to diagnose me with Hyperthyroidism. They listened to my symptoms, ordered blood work and NAILED IT! “/span>

D K. — “Words cannot give justice to how I truly feel about Dr. Reddy and her practice. I have the utmost respect for her and I owe her a debt of gratitude for the care she gave to me. I truly had my options in choosing who I wanted to direct my care and the first person that came to mind was Dr. Reddy as I have witnessed first hand her compassion and competence. My life literally flashed before my eyes when I was found to have an abnormality on one of tests. Feelings of shock, fear, confusion, and defeat took over me when I received the news. Immediately I turned to Dr. Reddy and she very calmly, efficiently, and systematically, pulled out all the stops to ensure that I received what I perceived as “above and beyond the call of duty” care. Her office is located in the new pavilion building which makes getting radiology and lab tests done easy at Orange Coast Memorial. During my times of fear and anxiety she reassured me and helped me remain calm and focused. She wouldn’t just listen to me, but she heard what I was saying and was sympathetic. She was my biggest advocate and supporter. When I was about to make a hasty decision on treatment, not listening to her recommendations against it, she did not relent but remained persistent, using various approaches, to give me clarity and it worked. I did not go through with that treatment which would not have been the best choice for me. Thereafter, I gave her complete control and she did not let me down. At the end of it, her recommendation was the best recommendation. Everything turned out as I prayed it would. It would have been different had I done my own thing. She remained professional and caring. She never demeaned me or made me feel that I was not qualified to decide on my medical care; rather, she spoke to me in a manner I could understand so I could be more informed. These are qualities that are hardly ever seen this day in age. These days, patients do not get random follow up calls from their doctor to check on them to see they’re doing. Physicians don’t sense your fear and then invite you into their office to help to relax you and tell you it’s going to be okay. But Dr. Reddy does. She treats her patients as they are members of her family. She genuinely cares. She will fight for you. She will stand up for you. She will make sure that you get the best care that can be given because you are her patient and she expects nothing less for her patients. Thank you again, Dr. Reddy, for saving my sanity, and my life.”

Angel S. — “Dr. Reddy has been my primary care provider for 3 years now. One of the reasons I chose her as my PCP is because she demonstrated been a savvy business woman besides being a very competent Doctor in medicine.
She is wise enough to hold a multifaceted practice in this challenging and evolving healthcare environment. By becoming her patient a person can cut down the number of doctors to visit in order to be seen by a specialist. Since she is a PCP and also a specialist. She maximized her reach by the utilization of extremely competent Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who under her masterful supervision diagnose and treat simple acute and chronic stable conditions by furnishing and transcribing the exact treatment Dr. Reddy has determined with art, science and work experience to be the most effective. These are written down in forms of Protocols (a step by step format) These Board approved treatments are to be strictly followed to ensure the best outcome in those particular conditions. When I am seen by either one of her advanced practice personnel I know that if my condition warrants medical review they are trained to consult the Dr and assure my wellbeing.”