The Amazing Benefits of Hug Therapy

hug therapy

The Amazing Benefits of Hug Therapy

We all need hugs in order to be happier and live more fulfilling lives. A growing number of studies released on the market prove without a shadow of doubt that hugs offer powerful benefits for humans. Many famous doctors and psychologists have researched hugging, and all of them state that hug therapy comes with astounding benefits for both body and mind.

For instance, in this article on Psychology Today by Doctor Sebastian Ocklenburg, Ph.D, scientists agree that hugging protects people from getting sick by reducing the risk of catching a cold, decreases blood pressure, and can also improve the mood.

So what actually is hug therapy and how can we all benefit from it? Keep reading to discover how you can reduce stress levels and live a healthier life using hugs.

What is Hug Therapy?

According to specialists, hug therapy is the action of using hugs in order to provide healing and emotional comfort to people. This type of therapy is being offered by newborns even from inception. Doctors and nurses are holding the baby and hugging it, and then they let the mother continue this cycle. Doctors have studied this phenomenon and have discovered that babies who benefit from hug therapy from a young age grow up to become successful people who take more risks in life and achieve more. Moreover, they have discovered that hugs and touches may reduce the fear of death and boost self-esteem levels for people of all ages.

What are the Main Benefits of Hug Therapy?

Doctors and scientists have discovered dozens of amazing benefits of hug therapy. Each one of these benefits has been experienced by millions of people worldwide, of all ages and sexes. Let’s take a closer look at some of the benefits of giving and receiving hugs from other people.

– Hugging allows you to communicate your feelings in a whole new way that is deeper and more intimate than words. For example, if one of your best friends has lost a dear one, hugging them is way more useful than saying you’re sorry. More than often, a hug speaks more than a thousand words.

– Hug therapy improves physical performance. According to a study published in the NY Times back in 2010, athletes performed increasingly better when they received hugs. In other words, when they showed physical camaraderie, they reached new peaks in their performance.

– Hugging can protect you from stress-related illnesses. Another study published by a group of scientists from Carnegie Melon University showed without a shadow of doubt that people who receive hugs on a constant basis were less susceptible to stress-related illnesses and infections. Even if they would get sick, the symptoms were less intense.

– Hugging boosts your cuddle hormone levels. Also known as oxytocin, the cuddle hormone is responsible for normalizing your level of confidence, trust, bonding and devotion. Hugging boosts your cuddle hormone levels and enables you to enjoy satisfying relationships with those around you.

– Embraces enables you to enjoy a healthier immune system. Hug therapy regulates your hormones, including oxytocin, serotonin and dopamine, enabling you to have a balanced lifestyle and protect your immune system from many health conditions.

– Hug therapy makes you happier. Thanks to the increase of oxytocin in your body, you’ll be able to experience a heightened state of happiness and at the same time a reduced state of stress. In women, this hormone has a stronger effect than in men. That’s probably the reason why women tend to hug more than men do.

– Hugging can diminish your fears. Ultimately, hug therapy is an excellent way to reduce your fears. People with a low level of self-esteem may find that hugging allows them to feel appreciated and replace their fear of rejection with the joy of being cared for and wanted.

The Bottom Line

So what are you waiting for? Start giving at least three hugs a day to the most important people in your life. Also share some free hugs with people who go through pain, anxiety, or suffering. You’ll help them more than words can say. To discover more about the benefits of hug therapy and understand how to integrate this practice into your daily life, contact us. Dr. Reddy and her caring staff are always ready to offer you a warm-hearted hug to make you feel a little bit better.