What is Plogging?

What is Plogging

What is Plogging?

Plogging is a new trend that is sweeping the globe. This term has become so famous that it’s even listed on Wikipedia. According to this source, plogging is defined as “a healthy habit that combines jogging with picking up garbage or litter.” This movement began in Sweden back in 2016 and spread around the world.

What has started out as a healthy activity has quickly transformed into a trend. This trend was carried forward by regular people, but also by famous personalities. A good example of such is author David Sedaris, who took over 60,000 steps in East Sussex, picking up litter. He set an example that would be followed by numerous other public personalities in the US, Australia, New Zealand, and even India.

More and more initiatives are being brought to life all across the globe. For example, a non-profit organization has created the Go Plog initiative, managing to collect over 16 tons of dry waste.

What Exactly is Plogging?

In simple terms, plogging involves jogging and stopping from time to time to collect the garbage around you. Plogging comes from the Swedish term “plogga,” which is a combination of words meaning jogging and pick up. The initial team from Sweden who started this movement is going all across the world to spread awareness and popularize this concept.

Who can do Plogging?

The best thing about plogging is that everyone can start doing it. Even if the majority of early adopters of this concept were ultra runners, like Ripu Daman, the famous Indian runner, now more and more regular people are embarking on this new activity.

Everyone can do plogging. You don’t need to have prior experience running or gathering litter. All you need is the willingness to do it and the desire to make our planet a more beautiful place to live in.

What are the Benefits of Plogging?

Probably the main benefit is that we are setting an example for future generations. We are telling them that our planet needs to be kept clean in order to continue to keep us on it. Leaving any humor aside, becoming environmentally conscious has become a necessity. Future generations are threatened by our lack of interest in the planet. Environmentalists are well-aware of these issues, and they are urging us all to help protect the environment.

Another benefit of plogging is that it can help you improve your overall fitness. This activity can help you burn up to 30% more energy than actual jogging. The fact that you are stopping and running is called “interval training” and is one of the most sought after running styles, being highly recommended by specialists.

When performing plogging, you are running, stopping, jogging, walking, twisting around, bending and twisting. The number of muscles involved in this activity is impressive. Thus, you get to activate a wide range of groups of muscles in your body, improving your health level and boosting your immune system.

Some famous ploggers, such as Isabel Geldenhuys, has even incorporated lunges and squats whenever she would pick up trash. Her example is helping many other people create their own plogging styles and reap all the health benefits of this activity.

And last but not least, plogging allows you to make a lot of cool friends. You’ll meet a lot of nice people along the way, plus you’ll also be able to get your share of fame in the local news channels and on social media.

What do you Need to Start Plogging in 2019?

To start this activity, you need a pair of comfortable running shoes and some gloves. You can either pick up garbage and drop it in the nearest bin, or simply take a bag with you and fill it while running. You can also get creative and add plastic bottles on your waistband or put all of the garbage collected in a backpack. You should also carry hand sanitizer with you if you don’t want to run with gloves on you. It’s important to stay safe when picking up certain type of garbage.

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