Online Doctor Consultations and the Benefits

online doctor consultations

Online Doctor Consultations and the Benefits

The process of receiving medical opinions has changed dramatically since telecommunication began to influence everyday life.

Online doctor consultations cover any kind of medical advice or care that is sent and received via the internet on services like emails, teleconferencing, apps, etc.

Online consultations are used mostly for acute infections (e.g., sinusitis), but those are difficult to properly diagnose remotely. Remote doctor consults are best used when the patients are in rural areas, have mental health concerns, or are dealing with minor issues like a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

The more complex issues, like pneumonia or pain in the abdomen, should be taken to a doctor for personal examination. The doctor will have to physically examine you to determine exactly what the issue is and make a proper and accurate diagnosis.

According to experts, the future of online doctor services is promising. Internet-connected sensory devices, like blood pressure monitors, heart rate monitors, etc. could be used in conjunction with remote consults to allow for the management of chronic conditions from home. Right now, the infrastructure required to support these devices and their use isn’t widely available, but the number of medical issues that patients and doctors can manage remotely is “ever expanding,” according to Eric Topol, the director of the Scripps Translational Science Institute.

Benefits of Online Doctor Services

Prompt response

Getting medical attention as soon as you possibly can is very important when you are sick. Unfortunately, sickness is bound to have an effect on a patient’s ability to move properly. A sick person might not even be capable of making it to a hospital. Then, there’s the drudgery of filling out forms, waiting in line, etc. that guarantee additional worries to the already sick person.

An online consultation takes away all the above difficulties of going to the hospital. Telehealth makes the process simple and convenient for patients and medical staff as well.

Reduced embarrassment

Some medical issues are of the sensitive variety and are difficult to discuss when there are other medical staff, including your doctor, present in the room. Issues like sexually transmitted diseases, intestinal issues, and mental health problems are much easier to discuss in a private setting.

An online consultation can afford you such privacy. You are able to choose your venue and time and describe your medical problems in complete comfort and guaranteed privacy.

No Hospital Acquired Infections

Unfortunately, a hospital is a very likely place to acquire an infection. When you are surrounded by sick people, coughing and sneezing, it is almost impossible to avoid exposure. Recent statistics have shown that almost 2 million Americans contract a hospital-acquired infection every year, and about 100,000 die because of these infections.

Using online consultations eliminate this form of infection entirely. You are able to stay safe and secure in your house and avoid any pathogens from other patients.

Second opinions

With online consultations, getting a second opinion, if you need it, is incredibly simple. A physical consultation can be combined with an online consultation, or an online consultation can be combined with another to give you more information on your medical issue.

Separate treatment approaches will provide patients with a better understanding of their conditions. This will foster a sense of reassurance and allow one to relax, knowing that he or she is better prepared to handle the medical condition.

Reduced costs

In this age of higher costs of living, saving as much money as possible isn’t just a financial consideration, it affects your basic quality of life. This also concerns healthcare; doctor visits are more expensive, and, as a result, regular visits for consultations may create a severe financial deficit.

Using online consultations will reduce those costs drastically. They are more economical and also reduce the need for repeat consults.


Online consultations are a rising occurrence in the internet age, but it comes with its own risks. If the doctor is unable to complete a physical examination, a misdiagnosis is possible. Hence, you need to explain your medical issues as clearly as possible to the doctor. Include all details required and related to your sickness with your accurate medical history. This will give the doctor a complete view of your condition and allow him or her to recommend the proper course of treatment.

Dr. Reddy and her team understand there are times when an office visit just isn’t possible. We offer a variety of online services via video, IM, or email, so we can better serve you. Contact us to learn more.