BioTE for Natural Hormone Balance


BioTE for Natural Hormone Balance

Hormone Replacement allows women to continue feeling normal after the depletion of hormones in their body. Hormone levels are known to reduce naturally with time, with marked estrogen reduction around the menopause time. The hormone level decreases naturally, as the person ages until it is a small percentage of the amount the body produced when the woman was young. This can have a big effect on the entire body such as gradual deterioration of some organs. Over time, the body fails to function as well as it did due to insufficient hormones. Unlike estrogen, testosterone starts to fall when the person is in her twenties.

Symptoms of hormonal imbalance

Hormones are chemicals that the body produces to regulate different systems such as the sexual and reproductive systems. Hormonal imbalance also affects bone density, mood and cholesterol metabolism. The imbalance also causes memory loss, decreased libido, insomnia, mood swings, depression, mental fog feeling, exhaustion, hot flashes, irritability, weight gain and night sweats.

– Non-reproductive physiological symptoms

Weight gain is a common indication of excessive estrogen production. And because fat cells, adrenal glands and ovaries can produce estrogen, the overproduction cycle can become vicious and pharmacological intervention might be necessary to break it. Weight gain can also increase due to thyroid problems.

– Reproductive physiological symptoms

Before menopause, most women experience hormonal fluctuations just before their monthly periods. That is perfectly normal but severe PMS will indicate a hormonal imbalance. Loss of libido and pain during intercourse indicates a hormonal imbalance.

– Emotional symptoms

Chronic depression, fatigue, mood swings and anxiety are some of the commonest symptoms in women. Some women will have trouble thinking clearly – a condition known as brain fog. Mood swings and irritability are frequent too.

How hormone replacement can help

Today, hormone replacement therapy treatment options are widely available and it is getting popular among women above the age of 35 years – particularly those who are prone to faster weight gain, those feeling run-down and those managing menopause symptoms. Hormone replacement can help improve symptoms like bloating, fatigue, thinning hair and sex drive.

BioTe is very different from the other hormone therapies because it employs natural hormone replacements that experts derive from plants. The other hormone replacements are synthetic-based, which should tell you that your body would not process them easily or comfortably. With BioTE hormones, your body will accept the used hormones because they effectively replicate their own natural hormones of the body without the use of synthetics.

The BioTE hormone refilling exists in the form of tiny pellets that the medical practitioner inserts into the woman’s body in discreet locations. The pellet insertion takes a few minutes and most people do not experience any mild discomfort or pain. The pellets deliver steady natural hormone doses into the body and the process has to be repeated after every 4-6 months in every woman. Most women notice improvements in their general feeling almost immediately. They also get a youthful overall appearance thanks to the effects of the natural hormones on the skin.

Which are the risks of BioTE hormone replacement?

The internet offers more information about hormone therapy based on the side effects of synthetic and oral hormones. BioTE bio-identical therapy is different from creams, pills, injections and patches that people used in the past. BioTE does not carry any risk associated with the previous therapies and offers many benefits. A few months of estrogen replacement therapy will improve the level of your dermal collagen by around 30 percent.

BioTE will improve your energy level, muscle strength, mental clarity and increase your ability to shed weight. That will help you look and feel healthier and younger again. The optimized hormones will reduce your health issues related to ageing such as diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and cardiovascular disease.

Who can benefit from BioTE hormone replacement?

If you believe that your youthful appearance started changing rapidly after andropause or menopause, the BioTE hormone replacement is a good choice. The rapidly deteriorating skin, facial bone changes and loss of fat are real because of the testosterone and estradiol loss that happens to you at every point. Without the two hormones, you should expect a fast loss of elastic fibers, collagen and hydration in addition to many other changes that are likely to affect your appearance. BioTE hormone replacement therapy will eliminate the visible aging signs and other symptoms of low testosterone and estrogen such as anxiety, depression and sleeplessness.

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