Help Your Doctor Help You!

Help Your Doctor Help You!

Help Your Doctor Help You!

Good health is crucial in order to enjoy a long and happy life. People deserve to receive proper medical attention and the best care possible from their medical professionals. Here are some ways to help your doctor help you receive adequate health care.

Log symptoms and keep all personal records so that you can give the doctor a background on your condition. Share as much information as is needed so that the doctors in the hospital or clinic will be able to attend to your symptoms properly. It may be helpful to keep a health diary. This diary will be the place to write down all of your symptoms, how they were treated and any medications that you have been taking. It is also important to record how you have responded to these medications. Tell the doctor about any therapies that you have undertaken. Your diary will help to pinpoint any recurring symptoms and help the doctor to diagnose you.

If you are going to be treated by a new doctor and you are uncomfortable doing so, ask a family member or friend to tag along with you. This can ensure that you will be relaxed and trust enough to open up about your health background. You can also do a bit of research before trying out a new doctor so you know a little about them before scheduling your appointment. 

Should there be any healthcare concerns or questions, it is best to list them all down so you won’t forget any. Taking some time to write down any questions you may have for your doctor prior to your appointment also helps save time once your doctor is in the room with you. Having this list ensures that all of your questions will be answered appropriately and that you can leave your doctor’s office feeling confident that you received the care you had hoped for.

Arrange for an interview with the health care professional before the first consultation. You may need to ask your new doctor if they can accommodate such an interview, but this can help you to know more about the doctor before the actual consultations to see if you and your new doctor are a good fit. This initial appointment will also help to make you feel more at ease when it comes to telling them anything confidential and trusting that their diagnosis will be spot on.

If you have any specific preferences for the way you wish to be treated, you must provide them to your doctor in writing prior to your appointment so you can avoid verbal confrontation. The list can be mailed to the doctor’s clinic prior to the appointment or be handed to the doctor during the consultation. Any personal philosophy you might have in any health care treatment such as no weighing, or no drug prescriptions must be made known to the doctor so he will know how to adjust the treatments accordingly. Also, if you have any religious beliefs or prefer to be addressed in a certain way, it is best to let your doctor know up front.

Don’t be too sensitive about any personal information that the doctor may need to ask or may need to mention. For example, your doctor might be mentioning your weight frequently during the consultation. Your weight has to be talked about since it could affect your physical condition in many ways. If the condition is related to weight, then it is unavoidable. Keep in mind that your doctor only has your best interests at heart and needs all of the information in order to make a proper diagnosis.

These good health care tips can help you to prepare for any medical consultation. Remember that with health, it is really better to be a proactive rather than a reactive patient. If you are really concerned about your health and you want to get the best out of health care from professionals, then these tips can help.

Dr. Sue Reddy specializes in the treatment of infectious disease among many other specialties. She understands what is required to live a healthy, active life. Please feel free to take a look around her website and if you feel she provides services you may be interested in, give Dr. Reddy a call. Her staff would be more than happy to set up an appointment and answer any questions you may have.

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