SkinBetter Uses Science in Skin Care


SkinBetter Uses Science in Skin Care

Many people are becoming more and more concerned about their skin’s appearance. There is also an increased number of factors that cause the skin to look older. SkinBetter is a product line that uses science to create skin care formulas that help decrease the look of the aging process. In addition to preventing the skin from looking aged, the company is also involved in the making of formulations to help correct other skin imperfections. Their products are backed by scientific research, tested, and proven to be effective without causing other side effects that might irritate the skin.

SkinBetter Products

SkinBetter uses scientific research to develop a wide range of products, each having a different purpose in the maintenance and repair of the skin. Some of the formulations they produce include the following:

Treatments for Refreshing the Skin
There are several products in this category including: Refresh Duo (Face), Oxygen Infusion Wash (Face), and Detoxifying Scrub Mask (Face). To normal skin (free from irritation or damage), apply an adequate amount of the formula after wetting the skin. Gently massage the formula into the skin by using your fingertips. For other skin types, apply the formula to damp skin three times a week. Leave on your skin for 15 minutes and rinse it off. 
Treatments for the Rejuvenation of the Skin
There are two main products in this category: AlphaRel Overnight Cream (Face) and AlphaRel Intensive Overnight Cream (Face) which serve the same general purpose. They ensure the skin has a glowing appearance by cleansing the skin overnight. Apply a thin layer of the formula on the skin during the night and rinse off in the morning.

Treatments for Skin Facelift

There are several products in this category whose main function is to eradicate wrinkles on the skin and give the skin a younger appearance. Some of the products in this category include: InvisiLift 3-Minute Mask (Face) and InvisiLift Lifting Experience. Apply an adequate amount of the formula on the skin after making it damp with a wet cloth. Leave on your skin and fully dry to form a powdery substance. Apply a little water on the face and pat it to dry. 

Smoothing Products

There are three formulas whose main function is to ensure the skin looks young and rejuvenated. These products include: Interfuse Intensive Treatment Lines, Face, and Eyes. Apply a thin layer of the formula on the skin twice every day. Some of the areas you should ensure you target include the forehead, upper lip and any fine lines and wrinkles. 

SkinBetter has incorporated the use of scientific knowledge in the making of the formulations for skin treatment. They have made a wide range of products to help in cleansing the skin, rejuvenating and eradicating wrinkles and blemishes. The use of these products can produce fast and positive effects with no side effects on either the skin of the body. To ensure they are effective, you are advised to follow the instruction while applying them to your face and other parts of the body. 

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