This Food Can Help Boost Weight Loss

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This Food Can Help Boost Weight Loss

These days people seem to look for quick ways to lose weight the instant their clothes become too tight or they become winded heading up a flight of stairs. They may be inclined to try a liquid diet or fast themselves to shed the weight quickly. These drastic measures damage the body and put their health at risk.

Dietitians offer wide-ranging answers to weight loss like substituting whole grains for processed ones, fruits and vegetables in place of juices, and lean proteins like chicken and fish for their counterparts pork and beef. While these often address a large number of dieters and issues, most people are looking for a simple solution offering the greatest value and variety because the weight loss process can be difficult.

One such family of foods is legumes, commonly known as beans. In a sea of touted superfoods, the bean is unique for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the ways legumes stand apart from the rest.

Building Blocks

Ask any dietitian for the things needed to construct a healthy diet and they will say the main components should be high in protein, possess natural fats and be low in calories. Beans meet all these criteria with the added benefit of their fats being well below one gram per serving. Legumes also increase the amount of fiber which most dieters severely lack.

Options Abound

In addition to being a solid team player, the legume family contains endless choices. Everyone is likely familiar with the humble green bean. From there, the food chain branches off in countless directions. Lentils, black, navy and cannellini beans are a fraction of the selection available. Each bean possesses flavors and benefits all their own.

Endless Preparations

Recipes for beans run the wide range of culinary mastery and taste. Simple healthy hummus made with chickpeas offer a delicious dip packed with protein. Hearty lentil soup provides a perfect vegetable based solution for those cold nights when only something filling will satisfy. Any number of beans can be added to dishes increasing their overall healthiness. Turkey chili benefits significantly from even a single can of navy beans. The additional flavor, fiber, and protein they offer allow the dish to be transformed into something special. Even basic brown rice and black beans will supercharge the body prior to a workout.

A noted caution about legumes centers around their preparation. Beans contain a nutritional compound causing the absorption of their nutrients, along with the foods being consumed with them, to be blocked. Most recipes take this into account. Following the recipes closely will allow dieters full access to all the beneficial aspects of beans.

While no food solves all the weight loss struggles people face, beans do address several key issues. They are an excellent source of energy. Beans fill dieters up making them less tempted to snack, especially on less healthy items. They also prevent the dieting doldrums triggered by eating the same foods repeatedly. Legumes might be just the secret bullet needed to kick-start a healthy lifestyle and drop those last few pounds.

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