This is Why You Should Avoid Excessive Holiday Drinking This Year

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This is Why You Should Avoid Excessive Holiday Drinking This Year

Overindulging in alcohol during the holidays can have a damaging effect, especially on your liver. Many times, holiday celebrations are characterized by some form of alcohol consumption-whether it is sipping on wine or toasting with champagne. While it may seem harmless to enjoy a drink or two at a party, excessive holiday drinking is certainly dangerous to your liver.

Apart from the parties and celebrations, the holidays can be quite stressful for some. In order to deal with the stress, some may start using alcohol as a stress-reliever and worsen the damage to their livers. Consequently, it is important to remember to drink in moderation in order to maintain your body’s overall health and wellbeing. 

Recommended Alcohol Limits 

Health experts advise people to observe a few rules so as to minimize the risks associated with excessive holiday drinking:
-Healthy people should restrict themselves to two alcoholic beverages daily to lower the long-term risks.
– For special occasions, people may enjoy a few extra drinks, however, this should be limited to a maximum of 4 standard drinks.
-Persons below 18 years old, of course,  should not consume any alcohol whatsoever.
– It is not advisable for women who are planning to get pregnant or those who are breastfeeding or pregnant to consume alcohol.

The Impact of Holiday Drinking on Your Health

Apart from damaging your liver, consumption of alcohol can affect your health in a number of ways, including:
-Harming your stomach lining and causing sickness or diarrhea.
-Stimulating anxiety and trembling as a result of the effect of alcohol withdrawal on the brain.
– Causing negative changes in your weight, sleeping pattern, skin and general mood.

It is possible to change these harmful health effects by implementing healthy lifestyle habits after consuming alcohol. Keep in mind, consistent overindulgence in alcohol may have long-term health effects.

Men and women who consume copious amounts of alcohol during the holidays can develop what’s known as Holiday Heart Syndrome. This condition leads to irregular heartbeat and elevated blood pressure due mainly to increased alcohol intake. It can also cause shortness of breath and increase the risk of heart attack and sudden death in an otherwise healthy individual. Once alcohol consumption ceases, the symptoms generally disappear.

Long-term consumption of alcohol may also promote diabetes, mouth and liver cancer and chronic pancreatitis. It can also negatively affect your mental health. Alcohol quickly affects a person’s mood and they may start feeling joyful or excited. After some time, their inhibitions and decision-making ability reduces, increasing the likelihood that poor decisions may be made. Alcohol also delays reaction and modifies behavior as well as enhancing the risk of violence and injury. Last but not least, large amounts of alcohol may serve as an antidepressant and lead to sleepiness. This can cause an individual to blackout.

Safe Drinking Tips for the Holiday Season 

The following are a few tips for safe drinking during the holidays: 
-Arrange to have some alcohol-free days when you only drink juice or water.
– In order to monitor your drinking, pour your own drinks.
– Ensure you eat before you start drinking as well as throughout the course of the drinking sessions.
-Alternate between alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.
-Arrange to participate in activities that do not involve alcohol just to demonstrate that you can enjoy yourself without drinking.
– Set goals for the New Year. New Year celebrations are the perfect time to make resolutions to minimize alcohol consumption and follow a healthier lifestyle.
-Take plenty of water.
-Take care of your friends and family and make sure they do not drink excessively and most of all, that they do not drive after they have been drinking.  Get them a taxi or have them sleep over.
– Never mix alcohol with energy drinks.
-Drink at a slow pace and opt for low-alcohol content beverages
-When going out to drink, make a budget for what you intend to spend on drinks. This helps to curb excessive alcohol consumption.
– Avoid topping off when your glass is half-empty.

Observe these tips in order to protect your liver and general health from the adverse effects of alcohol. You are meant to enjoy the holiday season without feeling ill due to excessive alcohol consumption. Planning well and knowing your alcohol limit can prevent you from experiencing dizzy, sickly days that can end up ruining your holidays. 

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