Healthy Eating During the Holidays

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Healthy Eating During the Holidays

The holiday season is traditionally a time for feasting. Both adults and children look forward to reuniting with family and friends and having a nice time while eating different kinds of tasty food and snacks. Many organizations also hold parties to mark the end of the year.

During this time, there’s a natural tendency to let down your guard and enjoy every tasty morsel you can get your hands on. But you can’t afford to enjoy yourself at the expense of your health. These simple tips, recipe ideas, and strategies will help you to practice healthy eating during the holiday season and still remain healthy.

Eat in Moderation

It is possible to eat and stay healthy during the holidays, and you can do this without much effort at all. Even when you don’t want to miss your grandmother’s holiday fudge, which has been a tradition for decades, and your coworker brings her delicious cookies to work, you can still have a bite without overindulging. Just make up your mind to enjoy these treats in very small portions. You can also substitute healthier options where possible and prepare healthy celebration meals in advance.

Add Vegetables and Plenty of Colorful Fruits

Just as you decorate your home inside and out for the holidays with plenty of color, you can also get creative with your dishes. Vegetables and fruits will add nutrients, color, and flavor to your holiday favorites. They will also help you to stay healthy and make you feel full so you do not succumb to the temptation to eat too much.

Reduce the Number of Calories by Making Simple Swaps

It is not hard to know exactly where excess sodium, sugar, calories and some saturated fat is lurking in most traditional foods we like to eat during the holidays. Most foods baked with white flour, like cakes, pancakes, cookies, biscuits, and doughnuts will obviously contribute a good amount of calories and sugar to your overall intake.  Avoid them as much as possible or eat very tiny portions.

Plan Ahead for the Season’s Parties

From the mandatory workplace parties to your traditional family gatherings, you will have a long list events where you are expected to have fun with food. You will have to navigate these opportunities to indulge yourself with a lot of tact and still maintain healthy eating. Make a concrete plan to resist the temptation to taste everything lined up on the buffet table by having some nice healthy fruits and snacks before you get in. When are not feeling hungry, you will find it difficult to eat a lot at these events.

Add Some Health Boosting Activities to Your Calendar

You can keep the indulgences in check by remaining active throughout the season. Don’t let the winter keep you from being active. You can plan a short walk, engage in some winter sports or do an indoor workout before you attend the next party.

With these simple tips, you can eat healthy, stay active and substitute more healthy foods for many of the traditional foods that cause you to gain unwanted calories or raise the salt and sugar you eat during the holiday season.

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