Top 10 Healthiest Places to Live in the U.S.


Top 10 Healthiest Places to Live in the U.S.

All around the world people are trying to live a good, healthy life. It may be harder than it seems due to the scourges of modern living. All it takes is some good understanding of what it takes to feel more energized and what the right fuel is that you should be putting into your body. Take a little bit longer to prepare your meals and talk to your kids too so we can make the next generation even healthier!

We thought it would be fun to research the 10 healthiest places to live in America. Maybe your hometown is one of them.

Honolulu, Hawaii

The enthusiasm the people who live on this island have for living a healthy life is to be admired. Due to their isolation from the mainland, Hawaii has enjoyed the finer things in life and rejected the negative aspects of the American meals. People her love exercising on beaches and they love even more so doing it with friends too. This is one of the healthiest places to live certainly.

San Francisco Bay Area, California

With California’s beautiful weather and scenic surroundings, the wildlife and opportunities for vegetation picking are unparalleled. People here are tech savvy and know how to use it to benefit the lives of themselves and their friends and family. You will often find people who live here are using the best ingredients in their food to optimize their nutrition. Californians know how to live a truly healthy and happy life full of fun.

Burlington, Vermont

With a great enthusiasm for recycling and a passion for schooling, the kids brought up here are really like no other. They come out of class, smart and knowledgeable about improving the planet. This makes this area have a very healthy population.

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota

The scenic northern land here has unadulterated beauty for everyone to enjoy. With a great emphasis on open green land for people to enjoy and a great community spirit. High levels of quality of life can be found here which many will be envious of.

Boulder and Denver, Colorado

There is no limit to the health you can achieve here with the great quality of life that you are allowed to have. Due to the wide open spaces and fresh air, residents will always be at a great level of peace compared to the average American.

Plano, Texas

Due to the safety available with a great police service and neighbors which are trustworthy, Plano is the place you want to be if you are serious about your safety. Sheriffs here are trustworthy and they hold one of the best protection records in the country.

Portland, Oregon

This City puts a great emphasis on keeping the area clean and healthy for its users. There is a great emphasis on bikes and not using cars so neighborhoods are built that everything is nearby.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston Massachusetts has the most affordable health care in the United States. This allows its residents to have greater relaxation and time to stay still, which is an important part of being healthy. The green parks are abundant here which allow residents to enjoy time relaxing.

Orem and Provo, Utah

This is a healthy area to live in. Due to the high population of Mormons here the religion brings people close together which allows their health to prosper and people here have long life expectancies.

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