Could IV Iron Therapy Help Aleve Your Anemia?

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Could IV Iron Therapy Help Aleve Your Anemia?

Your body needs iron to help make hemoglobin in red blood cells so the blood will carry oxygen throughout the body. If there is not enough iron in your body then you can become anemic.

Sometimes if you are experiencing health issues such as ulcers, certain types of cancer, or when you are pregnant or have bad menstruation cycles, you can end up with an iron deficiently and become anemic.

Symptoms you may experience if you are anemic include sudden lethargy, paleness, difficulty breathing, rapid heart rate, or dizziness. It is important to make an appointment to see your doctor immediately as these symptoms may become serious and your doctor will need to run a series of tests to confirm an anemia diagnosis.   

When your doctor determines that you have an iron deficiency, they will then discuss with you the reasons you may have this issue and decide on a course of action to take to solve it.

The first step may be to change your diet if you are not taking in enough foods that are high in iron. Then your doctor may determine what kind of iron treatment they are going to prescribe. If it is not too serious of an issue you can possibly get by with a simple oral iron supplement.  

Some cannot take iron pills because of stomach problems. Others who do not tolerate oral iron supplements include those who are on dialysis or going to have surgery soon. In these cases,  the doctor may prescribe IV iron therapy. This procedure consists of receiving your iron supplements through an IV rather than taking oral supplements. Generally speaking, IV iron supplements help get the iron into your system faster since it is going directly into your bloodstream through the IV, whereas pills take time to dissolve in your stomach before being absorbed.

It can take a week or more before you start feeling better from treatment whether you choose IV iron therapy or you take iron pills and go on an enriched iron diet. While you are waiting, it is best that you watch for side effects from the IV iron treatment. Some of them can include bloating or swelling of the body, chest pain, breathing problems, rashes, nausea, and cramps or other issues not mentioned. If you have any of these symptoms, do not hesitate to discuss them with the doctor.

If you believe that you might have an iron deficiency or anemia don’t try treating this problem yourself. It is very important that you go to your doctor and have proper testing done to confirm the diagnosis. Only then can a proper treatment plan be initiated.

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