Doctors Are People Too

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Doctors Are People Too

Most of us classify certain professions according to our limited knowledge of them. We make generalizations about those in these professions according to what we believe to be true of them. For example, we put generalizations on doctors believing they can create miracles and that not everyone can be a doctor. However, if we were to really analyze these professions, especially doctors, we would come to a true realization that doctors are just as human as we are. They were children like us or adults with dreams and they spent time and effort achieving their dreams. They put in time to ensure that they achieved their life dream of becoming a highly esteemed doctor who takes care of sick patients and solves medical problems.

Further, doctors have spent time achieving their dreams through enrolling in medical school despite all the expense, personal sacrifice, and time required to reach their professional goals. Doctors have taken medical classes and dissected frogs and animals in labs and worked on cadavers to reach their current position in the medical field. This may be the number one reason doctors are humans; because they dared to dream and put in time and effort for that dream. They also have networked their way to good positions in top hospitals. This can be seen by their amicable nature and ability to socialize with patients. It is however important to note that anybody can achieve the same dream. This is why we should not put doctors on a pedestal; they are just as human as everyone else. They also get sick and have to take days off just like normal human beings do.

It’s wise to keep in mind that doctors are also husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, friends, pastors…just as we are not completely and totally defined by our career choices, doctors have lives and pursuits outside of the office as well. Just like us, they may get the occasional call from a school or daycare center with news of a sick or injured child that may need to be picked up, causing the doctor to not only have to take time out for a personal call but to possibly even have to cancel a few appointments to tend to such a personal issue. We’ve all been there at some point, so it’s good for us all to be mindful, patient, and forgiving should these events happen while you are in their office.

The profession that most people think is nearly impossible to achieve is becoming a doctor or lawyer or accountant. Neither one of these are impossible because universities now offers financial options and scholarships that allow people to achieve them. Most scholarships are easy to attain especially if an individual has a need basis for it and this is what makes it easier and much more convenient to pursue a professional degree such as being a doctor or a lawyer. Doctors were not born with full-ride scholarships to a university simply because they have a passion for medicine. Many work extremely hard to put themselves through medical school.

The fact of the matter is, if your doctor took of their lab coat and went grocery shopping you would never be able to tell what their profession was. You would simply treat them as any other individual trying to choose a cantaloupe in the fruit section. The same should hold true when they are in the office. Doctors are people too…just like you and me. They’re just better with a stethoscope.

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