A Day in the Life of a Medical Biller

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A Day in the Life of a Medical Biller

There are many challenges I face as a medical biller. Just like other professionals, I make mistakes from time to time. If this should ever happen, I call upon my clients to understand that I am not perfect. It is always my desire to see that my patient’s appointments go smoothly and my clients get the best service possible. On a normal day, I start my Monday morning looking at the accounts of different patients to find out who requires a regular statement, who has passed the due time frame and who needs to be sent to collections.

Although I don’t like the idea of turning my clients over to collections, at times I have no choice but to do so. We have seen clients become irate with us for sending their accounts to collections, but what they don’t realize is that we have to do our job as we are trained and not act on the basis of our patient’s emotional reactions. First and foremost, our office is responsible for providing top-level medical care, but at the end of the day, we are still a business. Services need to be paid for so our staff can provide for their families as well. We are simply doing our jobs.

At times it takes me the whole day to review patient’s accounts because other staff members need my help in other areas as well. I spend my day calming elderly patient’s fears when they tell me they don’t have enough money to pay their copays or deductibles. I field countless phone calls concerning patient accounts and insurance questions. It seems like patient and staff needs are never ending and I am the one holding the Holy Grail of answers.

After working tirelessly the whole morning, I finally get the statements printed out and then headed for lunch. I am forced to switch off my phone just to get a little peace and quiet.  After lunch, I check through some billing I had done previously and notice an error that caused every single Medicare claim to be denied. I had to go back and make corrections on every single account that had this particular issue so the claims could be properly processed. This is what happens when software isn’t updated, internet connections are slow at best, and computer systems are so old you’d think they were purchased in the stone age. We deal with hundreds of patient accounts a week, each having their own specific details that need to be monitored and addressed. It’s a lot to keep track of.

It’s a good day for me as a medical biller when everything comes together, patients are…well, patient…and I can manage to get through the day without having someone get angry with me. Those days are few and far between, so please, when something is incorrect on your bill, just give me a little time and some patience and I promise I will get the matter settled for you. We’re all on the same team. Let’s work together.

Dr. Reddy always has her patient’s best interests at heart and loves to hear feedback. Our medical billing staff works tirelessly to make sure your billing is taken care of promptly and correctly. If you have billing questions, please feel free to contact our office, and we will see to it that corrections are made in a timely manner.